LMS – Balance Not Compromise

I was shown an article the other day that said if you are looking for a new Learning Management System (LMS) you should use their list of 9 crucial deciding points, prioritise these, and then find a system that ticks off  the top 5 for you (our own Learn with Mobile ticked all 9 boxes by the way!).

Low expectations

So why are people prepared to compromise so readily? I believe expectations have been slowly reduced over a number of years by major suppliers with poorly performing software who have all but locked down the LMS market. Questions like “Do you need SCORM compliance or would you prefer a platform that gives you gamification” teach buyers and HR professionals that some kind of compromise is expected. Answers like “We’re working on mobile and you’ll be able to see it any day now” just lower the bar in terms of what’s possible.

Why accept as a starting point that you cannot have everything you want and need? And there’s more …..

What don’t you know?

What features are possible that you didn’t know about? You definitely couldn’t have had these on your wish list because you didn’t know they existed. Certainly be clear about what you’re looking for, but also keep your mind open to new possibilities and be receptive to changes in your thinking.

See the future

Where will your organisation be in five or ten years time? What new technology will evolve? What new Learning & Development thinking will be around to guide you? Chances are you don’t know any of these yet, so you need a learning platform that’s flexible and constantly evolving. Your best bet is a service rather than installed software, and a supplier who’s responsive and listens to you.

Don’t follow the herd

Just because others are blindly buying the industry standard, old-fashioned and very limited LMS doesn’t mean you have to. It might seem like the safe option and they’ll certainly have the slick sales technique to convince you.

Take some time and see what else is out there. Instead of listing known features and then making a decision based on what your supplier will let you have, try taking a more balanced approach and leave yourself open to adding more in future.

Be practical

  • What do I need?
  • What do I want?
  • What is my budget?

Be imaginative

  • I’d like a way to …….
  • I have an idea where I’d like to ……..
  • I need to know more about ……..

Be bold

  • Don’t accept compromise unnecessarily
  • Look at features you’ve never seen before – how could they change your thinking?
  • Don’t just smile and pay crazy prices for nothing new

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